Standard Drawer Heights for Modular Drawer Cabinets

Modular drawer cabinets feature drawer heights that permit you to efficiently store merchandise. When designing a modular drawer cabinet storage system, the match between drawer height and inventory height is very important. The tighter and more compact the storage system is, then the higher the storage efficiency. To help you in the proper selection of drawer heights, you can use the following table to reference standard available heights.

Standard Drawer
Heights for Modular
Drawer Cabinets
Modular Drawer Front 3-1/16"2-1/4"240-40
Modular Drawer Front 3-7/8"3"240-50
Modular Drawer Front 4-5/16"3-7/8"240-60
Modular Drawer Front 5-7/16"4-5/8"240-70
Modular Drawer Front 6-3/16"5-3/8"240-80
Modular Drawer Front 7"6-1/4"240-90
Modular Drawer Front 7-3/4"7"240-100
Modular Drawer Front 8-9/16"7-3/4"240-110
Modular Drawer Front 9-3/8"8-1/2"240-120
Modular Drawer Front 10-1/4"9-3/4"240-130
Modular Drawer Front 10-7/8"10-1/8"240-140
Modular Drawer Front 11-3/4"10-7/8"240-150
Modular Drawer Front 12-1/2"11-3/4"240-160
Modular Drawer Front 13-5/16"12-1/2"240-170
Modular Drawer Front 14-1/16"13-1/4"240-180

Each drawer size has three important attributes. The key attribute is the usable drawer height. This is the dimension that determines how high the items may be that are stored. The Drawer front height controls how many drawers you can install in a given modular drawer cabinet. The total of all drawer fronts should add up to the total available space in the cabinet. The order number is the size designator for that specific drawer. This number is used to build the complete part number for specify the drawer layout of a cabinet. The pre engineered cabinets list in detail the sizes of drawers included.

You may want to print this page and keep handy as you review your inventory. As you group your products by height, these are the target heights available.

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